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Big News in the war on weeds - Introducing the NEW WeedRoller PRO!

The WeedRoller At Work
The WeedRoller At Work

The WeedRoller Works - You Don't
The inset photo shows the typical clear sandy lake bottom the WeedRoller can deliver, all by itself.

WeedRoller is our only product
The WeedRoller is the only lake weed solution that we sell. Why? It's the only product that really works. Chemicals and harvesting services work temporarily, but they are both costly, and the weeds just grow back. And who wants to dump more chemicals into our environment? We've tested many other weed removal products, and they are all a lot more work, and the results are never as good as the WeedRoller. Our experience has proven that the WeedRoller is the best, most effective product for maintaining a weed free lake shore environment.

How It Works
The WeedRoller is an automatic lake weed removal system that attaches to your dock, or to a tripod mount at the waters edge. The system includes an upright electrical drive unit that has a 21' arm at the bottom of the drive unit. Three 7' tubes, attached end to end, make up the 21' total length in a standard system, and additional tubes can be purchased to extend the arm length for a larger coverage area. The drive unit rolls the tubes across the lake bottom in an arc pattern, covering over 1,000 square feet of lake bed. As the tubes roll across the bottom of the lake, blades on the tubes dislodge weeds and sediment, leaving the sand behind.

Low Operational Cost
The WeedRoller is a very cost effective solution, using about as much energy as a 60 watt lightbulb.

Why Buy Your WeedRoller From Us?
We're WeedRoller Experts. We'll be there to help you choose the features that are right for your water front situation, and we offer installation if you don't want to do it yourself. You may need a permit, and we can help you with that, too. We'll provide warranty and after warranty service, at your location. You can have us install your WeedRoller the first time, and we can also handle spring and fall installation and removal, a service we've been providing to many satisfied customers for years.

There are other companies that may "market" the WeedRoller like beanie babies on eBay, but nobody provides the kind of professional service that we do. Why buy your WeedRoller from a company that just wants to sell you a product when you can come right to the experts?

Simply put- We pride ourselves on being the best WeedRoller dealer there is!

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